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Harly Mobile Malware

The Harly Mobile Malware is designed to sneak its way onto victims' Android devices. The main purpose of the threat appears to be to unknowingly subscribe users to various premium-rate services. This behavior classifies the threat as toll fraud malware. However, users should keep in mind that the threat's list of unsafe features is far more expansive and could be abused as part of other attack operations.

The cybercriminals spread their harmful tools by hiding them inside numerous, seemingly legitimate Android applications. Infosec researchers have managed to identify several such unsafe programs -the Fancy Launcher Live wallpaper, Flashlight & More Convenience, BinBin Flash and Mondy Gamebox.

The permissions required by these applications could easily allow the threat to access the victim's contact list, manipulate the Wi-Fi connection and settings, control the running processes, connect to Bluetooth devices, set alarms, modify the wallpapers on the device, etc. The threat also is capable of making phone calls, which the attackers may abuse to continuously contact premium-rate services. Victims will notice that their monthly bills have suddenly and unexplainably increased. If you notice similar changes to your Android phone bill, it may be wise to check the device for any malware threat that may have been able to sneak on it.


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