Threat Database Spam 'Google Docs' Scam

'Google Docs' Scam

The 'Google Docs' scam is another phishing scheme propagated through countless spam emails. These messages carry subject lines, such as 'Very Important' to lure users into opening them. Inside, the emails claim to contain invoices, quotations, receipts, or other confidential documents from a supposedly reputable company. In some cases, the fraudsters use the names, logos and branding of legitimate corporations. 

Some emails, part of the 'Google Docs' scam, claim that the attached file (typically PDF, but it can be in other file formats) is an invoice from a company named 'Focke & Co' headquartered in Germany. The recipients are asked to review it and confirm that the information is all correct. When the file ('Google.doc 28page.pdf') is opened, it will state that the invoice is available via Google Docs. Users are urged to follow the provided link and enter their email and password to access the 'secured' invoice.

However, following the link, will lead to a phishing site. Any information that users enter into the page will be scraped and sent to the fraudsters. Afterward, the operators of the 'Google Docs' scam can assume control over the compromised email accounts and exploit them in various ways, depending on their specific goals.

The con artists may send additional spam emails carrying poisoned attachments to the contacts of the victims, try to access social media or application accounts associated with the email, or package the collected credentials of all victims and offer them for sale to interested third parties. 


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