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GoldenEye Ransomware

By CagedTech in Ransomware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 100 % (High)
Infected Computers: 196
First Seen: December 7, 2016
Last Seen: November 17, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The GoldenEye Ransomware is an encryption Trojan that is pushed as an improved version of the Petya Ransomware, which surfaced in March 2016. The GoldenEye Ransomware was brought to the attention of security researchers in December 2016. Spam emails aimed at human resource departments were found to carry a corrupted spreadsheet that featured a macro. As you well know by now, the macro is widely abused by threat actors to deliver threats like the Al-Namrood Ransomware and the Osiris Ransomware. PC users that work with CVs on a daily basis appear to be among the primary targets of the GoldenEye Ransomware since they are likely to open a document from an unknown sender.

Fake CVs and Spreadsheets Deliver the GoldenEye Ransomware to Computers

The macro script used to deliver the GoldenEye Ransomware is designed to write base64 encoded strings into an executable file that is stored in the Temp directory. Additionally, a VBA script is created that loads the executable into the system memory and the encryption process is initiated. The GoldenEye Ransomware works a bit different than the Mischa Ransomware which is another variant of the Petya Ransomware. The GoldenEye Ransomware is programmed to encrypt all files on the local drives using an AES-256 cipher. The GoldenEye Ransomware Trojan avoids directories that contain system data such as:

  • Windows
  • Program Data
  • Program Files
  • Program Files (x86)
  • Volume Information

A Random 8-Characters Extension is Appended to Encoded Files

For example, 'Cobalt blue.docx' is enciphered to 'Cobalt blue.docx.84YpQ8z0' while 'Ultramarine violet.docx' is converted to 'Ultramarine violet.docx.2b8r6K2g'. If the GoldenEye Ransomware manages to elevate its system privileges, it attempts to install a rootkit. The rootkit is designed to lock the access to the computer entirely by encrypting the drive's MFT (Master File Table - a kind of address book for your data). Then a custom boot loader is introduced, and YOUR_FILES_ARE_ENCRYPTED.TXT is loaded on the screen, which reads:

'You became victim of the GOLDENEYE RANSOMWARE!
The files on your computer have been encrypted with an military grade encryption algorithm. There is no way to restore your data without a special key. You can purchase this key on the darknet page shown in step 2.
To purchase your key and restore your data, please follow these three easy steps:
1. Download the Tor Browser at "". If you need help, please google for "access onion page".
2. visit one of the following pages with the Tor Browser: http://golden5a4eqranh7.onion/ http://goldeny4vs3nyoht.onion/
3. Enter your personal decryption code there:
[instruction what field to use on the portal]'

The Best Protection against the GoldenEye Ransomware is an Asynchronous Backup Management

The GoldenEye Ransomware can lock all your data and sync your files with a cloud-based drive may backfire. A smarter solution is to backup your data manually and on a schedule as you can make sure you are not uploading corrupted files. Unfortunately, security researchers are unable to break the encryption employed by the GoldenEye Ransomware, and you will need to rely on your backups. Paying the ransom is a gamble that you might want to avoid since you are not guaranteed to receive a proper decryptor. The GoldenEye Ransomware Trojan can be purged with the help of a trusted anti-malware utility.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove GoldenEye Ransomware

File System Details

GoldenEye Ransomware may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. 7e7d050b329ba255a3f4bbe70e60c640da4b5c5354cb9135de099d51b040e03e.exe 01287ad927c6906afc39c383dde522c7 1
2. b467bf95532b57898cf5f901a7f6bc7e574356ca7a7662094e937176ea1dff85.exe 55c5eabc1160345919abe5349ada9134 1
3. b1001053d0729388ac1d1b4d8aafec4044bf92756eec1bfe2b7becef4a3bc956.exe ca2a850bef517532ab81a68997c7f34b 0
4. b1bf065e03d5faf74322d9ddda083a2f4c5d12f4d6080a791ec69ed0b709b3c8.exe e1641c297d8c5d60f0f699f10f7a3b49 0
5. d83f9e8710e02289b47698de47a399002681d3f971ec8ee6e5599a97136150b5.exe 395c163bca85a2ad301dc1fee8771df6 0
6. d8e82f935ba4a175723d89db73fb533424de25498cc6ab7fdb7df603d95812ef.exe 206c4d3a1ef5d339520bb00e343e8354 0
7. fb58221d8d3c9b3ce61f47dea76c7ef70c9a68eaf685736f038638f5367c21ec.exe 7385a72641ca3e5c6bcb1e371f3c8b1f 0
8. fba118165354c07cdf696a00f90dd2a1202e6ed5acc7462a1bd68aba25db3978.exe 42a77a52b11ead2a3c16a8ebdf91182f 0
9. 010edeca40dfb864899708c6e49eb34ba42d48eb959b2426fdb7af7f254d2146.exe 9e6f4b572b4bf00cb0f10f984b552e07 0
10. 01d8e1d4663905edf72176eee2bc470cd7e76779a45fbe0fdeca98afc693b11c.exe cbed326a9bf439e96dbad479bb9bafa3 0
11. 2863c8e24d6e000efedd6e08205724b46ceaab6883220b491e0b677153b97375.exe 2484d6b75accf237e13d6051effe70ce 0
12. 2df63482dcbf94e7524b60248f7db8162409dabcdcd279ae0ef16e16e02daf30.exe f3d2e795187a135e00038674fca034eb 0
13. 43e1e6383332f246a4154305ea47f0912d8082d19f69279437a3443eea8f644e.exe 88a38f1caa6b4154372f8b86ac50c80e 0
14. 479081acafa64409b54f019569d0123f4d6e4b727edc3235935dea3f571e43ca.exe 2c3e7d6247f5c8a35c8806fe40ef838f 0
15. 53be0977f579c209df24d8d128ed5a69f58822beddcbac0c39f5af5490b0d705.exe c27e74c6a5d37a079d185fbbd9c3ce46 0
16. 54a4d7f770fb20d538b49edff42cd6fb1014158338993e3bf30231f8cd4d977c.exe e56c4f483bacc9c0e8a17d9f775ca44b 0
17. 66fa85b64b8b3039b4eb66be1467c441d292f73b31fa48fd488e13861f4440fb.exe 07ee2abe737371d6cc7a3f327bddad52 0
18. 677dac10932a44aead63cbba338113b2e8826768741c5567479487a105c6275e.exe 17d02f5d8f34a874516f7cca588b103a 0
19. 6896f5f4bd7c2e769aa36a02b320103771deae241bc64110e32465e726e2ca03.exe a97bf621240f6abf5559b60b45b0c35c 0
20. 6a7a73df77859a9c68b026e7c425a9a2448ef23a970ddc7223600e79a7835029.exe 5fc5709455208d435a5077542217a85d 0
21. 741bb7ba53fffbbcf337f4a9665586913c4ccbb9c57f579e18cf90c446f4c997.exe f2d76f3f0d76076d1ac98ed2d3691ffa 0
22. 747bbe34e297074ec78cc9cb86cda2b35bbc9925244a0ba01680b7ba857f9c06.exe 2b0a2eb531d4f6212c5602ae3cb07902 0
23. 9a848f6a408460fdc3475c740d7a20d2c11c8547c9ce2d183589fc358f086fdf.exe 8e126c1808f4c7f245906cd1109e25ee 0
24. a6752f9a9a134b4cfd27cba109b793c75ae3615e7ac5796fa336255b366fab0c.exe 4f3172d3d552b2fc8efe83909b91f45d 0
25. c7b13a995ac1e7d861084679309fb459199578ec10f440447bcc5e546b62c1dd.exe 864db706d7098d0a123913ecf14c4f31 0
26. d95df50fab57f4a370cb48eae5d9145dee71bea02f448848d202f158f5de4daf.exe 9d1f6aa6e2b657aadb58c220855cf6b8 0
27. f249f03389a370d2637db36b75511c285fdb1b0ae9e720521ffbbeb64c44517b.exe b7e36d14e84772f2bbbfd881f4e15c81 0
28. f5d7da76ebcac596156b94ad94495002980fcedf983a0f418622faf23c88b60a.exe 7e928f47de95eaecb937bba3d9ec81e8 0
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