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Ginzo Stealer

The Ginzo Stealer is a data-stealer malware that is being offered by its creators for free to any wannabe cybercriminals. Indeed, infosec researchers have found the threat being distributed via Telegram accounts that allow any interested individual to download it without having to pay absolutely anything

As for its threatening capabilities, the Ginzo Stealer can affect numerous applications and extract private or confidential information. It can affect several popular browsers - Opera, Chrome, etc, and obtain the login credentials and other sensitive information saved in them. The threat also could compromise emails, social media, gaming and other user accounts.

The information that the Ginzo Stealer could potentially obtain for its operators can be abused in multiple different ways, depending on their particular goals. The attackers could use the breached accounts to escalate their access and take over additional accounts or applications belonging to the victim. The compromised social media accounts may be used to spread misinformation, propaganda, or corrupted links leading to additional malware threats.


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