Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 2,677
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 353
First Seen: September 23, 2022
Last Seen: November 17, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows is a browser hijacker that may display misleading messages making claims of a scanner finding viruses on the affected computer. Such indications are completely bogus and usually done to trick computer users into clicking on a pop-up that may either cause a redirect to a malicious site or prompt the download of potential malware.

The browser hijacker and website may automatically load when opening a new web browser window due to it having an associated browser extension loaded. Such an extension may load automatically when installing random freeware apps or bundled software from the Internet.

The enticement from takes place from its alert message or pop-up that makes the bogus claim of finding several viruses, which is a common technique used by rogue antispyware/antimalware programs and sources. Under no circumstances should a computer user take the messages or pop-ups for their face value. Instead, take action to automatically find and eliminate the components of, which will then allow the computer user to reset their Internet settings. Video

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