Threat Database Adware FlowSurplus


FlowSurplus has been classified as an intrusive adware application that targets Mac devices. Programs of this type are rarely installed by users knowingly. Instead, in the vast majority of cases, they arrive on the Mac system stealthily, without attracting the attention of the user by utilizing questionable distribution tactics. Some examples of such methods include suspicious software bundles and fake installers.

Once deployed on the device, the main goal of FlowSurplus is to run an annoying advertisement campaign. Usually, users will be presented with advertisements promoting dubious third-party websites. These may include pages conducting various online tactics, fake giveaways, phishing schemes and more. It is not uncommon for the advertisements also to promote additional invasive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that may have adware and browser hijacker functionalities.

The presence of PUPs on the system also could mean that the user's browsing activities are being monitored, packaged and transmitted to a remote server. The information may include the entire browsing and search histories, clicked URLs, IP address, browser type, device type and geolocation. In some cases, the PUP could even try to harvest data that has been saved into the installed browsers, potentially exposing the user's banking credentials, payment details or debit/credit card numbers.


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