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FedEx Corporation Email Scam

Cybercriminals are disseminating lure emails carrying corrupted file attachments. The spam emails utilized in the campaign are presented as if coming from FedEx. The title of the fake email could be a variation of 'Re: CR-FEDEX_TN-270036844357_DT-_CD-20220301_CT-0833.' The message itself will claim that it is delivering a report for the shipment of mechanical equipment to the recipient. The file that is supposed to contain the details of this non-existent shipment will instead drop a malware threat on the user's computer. Users should keep in mind that the FedEx Corporation is in no way connected to these threatening emails. 

The exact malware threat that will infect the victim's device will likely depend on the specific goals of the cybercriminals. For example, a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) will burrow into the system, open backdoor access to it, and allow the attackers to perform numerous, invasive actions. Typically, a RAT can collect information, manipulate the file system, execute arbitrary commands, and fetch additional unsafe payloads carrying more specialized malware. 

The attackers also may activate ransomware threats designed to lock the data found on the infected devices. Crucial and widely used files, such as documents, pictures, PDFs, archived, databases, and more may be subjected to an encryption routine that will leave them in an unusable state. The cybercriminals will then extort the victims for money in exchange for their assistance in the restoration of the affected data. 


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