DigitalRecord Description

DigitalRecord is an adware application that also is equipped with browser hijacker functionality. The main targets of the application are Mac users. Applications of such dubious nature are rarely installed willingly. In the vast majority of cases, users do not even realize that the adware program is being delivered to their Mac systems. This is achieved via deceptive tactics, such as bundling designed to mask the installation of the application specifically. The reliance on underhanded tactics classifies these applications as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

No matter how DigitalRecord managed to sneak itself inside the Mac, its presence there would become noticeable almost immediately. The application will waste no time and will start to run an intrusive advertising campaign. Users will be subjected to various questionable pop-ups, banners, in-text links and other advertisements. It is quite common for the delivered advertisements to feature clickbait messages, in an attempt to lure users into clicking on them. Then, they can take the unsuspecting user to dubious pages via forced redirects. The destinations may include phishing portals, domains spreading additional PUPs, suspicious online game platforms, or even compromised sites with real malware threats.

The browser hijacker part of DigitalRecord is tasked with promoting its own address. Users will notice that certain browser settings have been modified - the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine, and now they open the sponsored address. Usually, while the application is still present on the system, it will prevent users from reverting the affected settings to their original states.

Having adware or PUPs present on your Mac also could mean that the user's browsing activities are being tracked. The collected information may include all visited websites, clicked URLs and conducted searches. Some PUPs also include device details such as the IP address, geolocation, ISP and more. The most hazardous cases, by far, are when the PUP tries to obtain payment or debit/credit cards details from the affected browser.