'Cortana - It Seems Your PC Is Locked Out' Pop-Ups

'Cortana - It Seems Your PC Is Locked Out' Pop-Ups Description

The 'Cortana - It Seems Your PC Is Locked Out' pop-ups are part of a technical support tactic. Users are shown fraudulent and outright fake alerts and warnings that try to scare them into calling the provided phone numbers. Keep in mind that the 'Cortana - It Seems Your PC Is Locked Out' pop-ups scheme could try to create the impression that the user's computer has been locked. It may open several windows or pop-ups in full-screen mode that users will not be able to close via their typical methods. Still, opening Windows Task Manager and closing your browser will resolve the issue.

The scenario employed by these tricksters involves fake security warnings. They try to convince users that their systems have been invaded due to questionable activities. In another warning window, the hoax will pretend that a malware threat has been detected on the device. The scaremongering continues with the statement that if users do not call the listed phone number within the next 5 minutes, their computers will start to malfunction completely.

Users should not follow any of the instructions provided by the 'Cortana - It Seems Your PC Is Locked Out' pop-ups or risk exposing themselves to even greater security risks. The fraudsters will more than likely ask to receive remote access to the supposedly infected device. They can abuse this connection to drop malware threats, such as backdoor Trojans, info-stealers, crypto-miners and more. The con artists also may employ various social-engineering techniques to convince users to pay a fee for the supposed 'security services' or to lure the unsuspecting users into divulging private information.