Threat Database Phishing 'Chrome Search Contest 2022' Pop-Ups

'Chrome Search Contest 2022' Pop-Ups

The 'Chrome Search Contest 2022' displays deceptive pop-ups spread via a hoax website. The goal of the site's operators is most likely to obtain private information from unsuspecting users through fake and misleading messages.

This tactic tries to convince anyone who lands on it that they have made the 5 billionth search specifically and are now entitled to receive a rather alluring reward, such as a Google, Amazon, or Apple gift card, Apple Watch or another alluring prize. To further create an image of legitimacy, the con page even includes testimonials from supposed previous winners. It also could claim that the previous winner has received a pricey Samsung Ultra HD TV.

Of course, all of the claims made by the 'Chrome Search Contest 2022' pop-ups are false and should not be trusted. After all, there is no such thing as a Chrome Search Contest. Users who fall for the trap lured by the promise of receiving a lucrative reward will most likely be required to enter various sensitive information, such as credit/debit card details, email credentials or personal addresses. They also may be urged to buy a subscription for dubious, unneeded and potentially intrusive services.


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