Bridlebuddles is categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that most likely installed itself on the users' computer without them even realizing it. PUPs rarely rely on users downloading them intentionally and instead employ various misleading marketing methods to propagate themselves. Two of the most popular are through bundling or by posing as a fake software update.

Bridlebuddles, once established onto the user's device, can begin to generate suspicious and intrusive advertising materials or manifest itself by causing forced redirects to dubious third-party websites. Unlike the majority of other PUPs, Bridlebuddles is not content with carrying an intrusive ad campaign. The application also tries to hijack the hardware resources of the affected system to mine for cryptocurrency coins.

Although Bridlebuddles is in no way as threatening as malware, it is still strongly recommended to remove the application as soon as possible. By taking significant portions of the available resources, Bridlebuddles can lead to slow-downs or freezes of the whole computer. In addition, the advertisements it generates could act as a gateway for additional security risks.

Users whose devices have been infiltrated by Bridlebuddles also should conduct a scan with a reputable anti-malware program for several other PUPs that are closely associated with it such as Bridlebuddies, IdleBuddy, Relevant Knowledge and Ssoption.


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