Threat Database Phishing 'Board Approved Payroll' Scam

'Board Approved Payroll' Scam

Fraudsters are spreading lure emails disguised as notifications about recipients' payrolls. The fake messages claim to contain a document regarding supposed board-approvement salary changes that must be reviewed. The subject title of the fake emails could be a variation of 'Here's the document shared with you via Microsoft SharePoint.' When unsuspecting users open the message, they will see a brief text instructing them to go over the information contained in the attached file - 'Board Approved_payroll.' 

However, when users attempt to open the file, they will instead be redirected to a dedicated phishing page. The corrupted site will be designed specifically to appear as a legitimate log-in portal. The impostor site will state that the provided documents contain sensitive information and are 'secured against unauthorized access.' Under these pretenses, the page will ask users to verify their identity, by proving their corresponding email credentials. 

In reality, any information entered into the site will be compromised, as it will become available to con artists. Having the victim's credentials, the attackers could easily assume control over the related email accounts and exploit them as part of various, fraudulent activities. Users could lose access to additional social media or application accounts if they were linked to the compromised email.


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