Threat Database Adware AthenaResults


AthenaResults tries to take advantage of Mac users, by sneaking itself onto their devices and then initiating intrusive advertising campaigns. Furthermore, after analyzing its underlying code and functionalities, cybersecurity experts determined that AthenaResults is part of the growing AdLoad family. Like most other AdLoad applications, AthenaResults also relies on underhanded distribution techniques predominantly to spread itself. One such confirmed method has been via fake Adobe Flash Player installers and updates.

Once allowed on the Mac, AthenaResults will waste little time in executing its intrusive programming. The application will start delivering various questionable advertisements that could impact the user experience on the device considerably. However, more importantly, users should not approach the displayed advertisements carelessly. The advertisements could contain lure and clickbait messages, and then trigger forced redirects to hoax pages, phishing schemes, fake giveaways, shady adult-oriented or betting platforms and more. Users could encounter offers to install other thinly-veiled adware, browser hijackers or PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

PUPs often come with the ability to spy on users' browsing activities. The applications may access the entire browsing history, search history and every clicked URL. In addition, numerous device details (IP address, geolocation, device type, browser type, etc.) also may be packaged and exfiltrated to a server controlled by the PUP's operators.


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