Threat Database Spam 'Army of Ukraine Needs Your Support' Email Scam

'Army of Ukraine Needs Your Support' Email Scam

The 'Army of Ukraine Needs Your Support' email scam once again showcases that there are people who would exploit even the most tragic events in an attempt to benefit themselves. Indeed, the con artists have decided to take advantage of the current tragic situation in Ukraine after the country was invaded by Russia, in an attempt to lure unsuspecting users into sending them money.

The unsolicited emails could be named 'HELP UKRAINE - stop the war,' or a similar variant. In the message itself, the fraudsters will implore users to send funds in the form of three cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) to the associated crypto-wallet addresses. A typical tactic observed in these schemes is to include a piece of actual information to add a bit of legitimacy to the overall message. The emails disseminated as part of the 'Army of Ukraine Needs Your Support' scam are no different, as they include a link to a news article about the decision of the Ukrainian government to start accepting donations in cryptocurrencies.

Of course, instead of transferring the received donations to the intended recipients, the tricksters are most likely going to keep them for themselves. The use of cryptocurrencies makes any attempts by the victims to reverse the transactions nearly impossible. 

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy, and the country definitely needs as much support as it can get. People wishing to help should do so only via the officially established channels, and even then it is strongly recommended to thoroughly research the sources. In no way should you trust random emails or social media messages and send money to the channels promoted through them, as the funds would more than likely be pocketed by unscrupulous cybercriminals. 


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