Threat Database Phishing 'Apple Invoice' Scam

'Apple Invoice' Scam

Defrauders are spreading lure spam emails posing as invoices from Apple. Users should keep in mind that this particular scheme also involves spam SMS messages. The fake emails claim that users have bought an expensive Apple product that will be shipped to them in two days. For example, the emails could claim that the recipient has purchased Apple Earbuds 2 pro for $249.99. Naturally, users would like to cancel such an unauthorized order as soon as possible. That is why these people mention in numerous places within the email a phone number that is supposed to be Apple's customer care.

Instead, when users dial the provided number, they will be contacting the con artists or their associates. The actions of the operator will be based on the specific goal of the scheme. In most cases, they will try to convince the caller to provide them with remote access to the computer or device, under various pretenses. If successful, the defrauders could use the connection to collect important data, perform various frauds, or even deploy malware threats, such as RATs, backdoors, spyware, crypto-miners or ransomware.

The y also may employ social-engineering tricks to convince users into sharing private or confidential information. Without realizing it, users could be providing their names, home addresses, phone numbers, account credentials, banking data, etc. to cybercriminals. The compromised information could lead to severe privacy and security risks.


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