ApolloResults Description

ApolloResults is a browser hijacker that redirects your browser to other websites and may display third-party advertisements. ApolloResults is specific to macOS environments, with a current classification of a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Most users should consider removing ApolloResults through appropriate anti-adware and anti-malware products for optimizing their Web-browsing safety and performance.

Search Results that aren't Always Shiny

Although macOS's processor switch is the explicit target of some Trojan developers (a la Silver Sparrow Malware or the new version of the Pirrit adware), users have just as much to worry about from 'softer' programs that aren't illicit overtly. ApolloResults is a browser hijacker: a PUP that can endanger users with its features incidentally. The Web-browsing changes it causes can be both performance impediments and significant security risks.

ApolloResults is a Safari extension that redirects users to its affiliate search results whenever they search the Web. While this feature isn't threatening necessarily, it provides no advantages to users. It also has the possibility of exposing them to tactics such as fake updates, threatening websites, and scripted drive-by-download exploits.

Malware experts also point to various side effects from ApolloResults installations that further promote advertising content. This content holds the same dangers as the previous search results and may hamper website loading times and other performance metrics. Examples of more prominent symptoms include:

  • Unwanted notifications
  • Pop-up windows
  • Web page-injected advertisements such as banners
  • Hyperlink-injected text (such as 'key words' in articles)

Pulling a Sun God Off His High Horse

While ApolloResults's name comes from the Greek god of the sun, it doesn't target Greek speakers. Most macOS users should assume that the browser hijacker is compatible with their computers and respond accordingly to any symptoms like the above ones. While ApolloResults isn't a Trojan or high-level threat, its features can endanger users by exposing them to harmful content, and uninstalling it should be the default response for most users.

Users also should avoid typical sources of unwanted software installations without due consent. Many examples use bundles that include adware or browser hijackers like ApolloResults, along with other, more wanted downloads. Always read the fine print of any installation instructions carefully and deselected unwanted options, such as optional search enhancements.

Since it targets macOS users, ApolloResults may take precautions against default security features like GateKeeper. Users should close their browsers before removing ApolloResults with any trusted brand of anti-adware service. Our malware experts also encourage checking Safari afterward for unwanted settings changes.

ApolloResults isn't much of a shining example of desirable software, but it makes money, regardless. What's a bright idea to an extension developer isn't the same as what's best for a Web surfer, and everyone on a macOS device should remember it.

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