If your browser redirects you to a website called constantly, then most likely, a browser hijacker has infected your computer. is part of an online advertising service that hackers often misuse to generate revenues by redirecting users to these advertisements. Suppose pop-ups are showing up on a computer regularly. In that case, this is a clear sign that the device has been infected with some Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), usually a browser hijacker.

Further symptoms of such an infection are a sudden change in the browser's homepage that has occurred without the user's permission, Internet pages not displaying properly, redirects to unknown sites, a new default search engine, and the appearance of pop-ups promoting fake updates or other suspicious programs.

Visiting can cause a lot of trouble as these websites often collect the users' data, which is then sold to cybercriminals. You can set up an automatic malware removal tool to delete any PUPs present on your computer that may be redirecting you to such unsafe websites.

URLs may call the following URLs:


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