The ClickManager application is a dubious software product that could be distributed through various underhanded means. The AdLoad adware family continues to retain its position as a popular choice when it comes to the creation of intrusive applications targeting Mac users specifically and ClickManager is one of these creations. Most PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are injected into software bundles, where additional applications set to be installed on the system are placed somewhere in the installation settings, mostly under the 'Custom' or 'Advanced' menus. If users do not specifically check those places, they may not realize that other applications also will be delivered to their Macs.

Once ClickManager is activated on the system, it will attempt to monetize its presence there via an annoying ad campaign. Impacted users will notice a drastic increase in the advertisements they encounter. More importantly, any advertisements associated with such questionable sources are likely to be promoting suspicious destinations. Users could see advertisements for shady adult platforms, online gaming or gambling portals, fake giveaways, etc.

Besides the immediately obvious consequences of having a PUP running on their Mac devices, users also should consider the possibility that their browsing activities are being monitored. Indeed, it is quite common for PUPs to be equipped with data-harvesting capabilities. The operators of the invasive application could be continuously receiving the user's browsing and search histories, clicked URLs, IP address, device type, OS type and more. Certain PUPs could even try to extract account credentials or banking details from browsers' autofill data.


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