AllianceInstallations Description

Type: Adware MacOS

AllianceInstallations offers little in terms of useful features but that is understandable, after all the main focus of the application is elsewhere. Indeed, AllianceInstallations' main goal is to generate revenue for its operators via several intrusive methods. As such, the applications can be classified as just another adware and a browser hijacker trying to take advantage of Mac users. The application also is regarded as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) due to the questionable distribution methods it employs.

Adware applications monetize their presence by running an annoying ad campaign on the device. Affected users will notice a drastic increase in the encountered advertisements, which could diminish severely the user experience on the device. Furthermore, the advertisements can be potentially risky, as most of the time they are used to promote additional dubious PUPs or take the user to shady websites, such as phishing pages, fake giveaways and more.

Browser hijackers, on the other hand, focus on the installed Web browsers. AllianceInstallations may modify the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine settings, specifically. All three settings will be changed to now open a promoted web address, typically a fake search engine.

PUPs may have even more intrusive capabilities. It is a common occurrence for these applications to spy on the user's browsing activities. The collected data also could include numerous device details, as well as banking and payment data that has been saved in the affected browsers.

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