Threat Database Malware Allcome Clipper

Allcome Clipper

Allcome is classified as a clipper malware. Clippers are threats designed to access information saved in the clipboard (the temporary buffer space where copied data is stored) and substitute it with another. This attack is targeted at users who are active in the cryptocurrency sector mainly.

Crypto-wallet addresses are sufficiently long and the most effective way to carry out a transaction is to copy and paste them. However, the clipper malware will change the wallet address and unsuspecting users will send the funds to the hackers instead. The Allcome clipper was first discovered by the security researchers @3xp0rtblog.

Unfortunately for its victims, the Allcome Clipper can be equipped with additional threatening functionalities. The threat also could be taking screenshots of the desktop whenever users are entering their payment information as part of a checkout process, exposing their banking details or other financial information. The malware also could try to scrape credit/debit card details including the card number, expiration date, CVV/CVC code, etc.

The consequences of an Allcome Clipper infection could be severe. Victims may experience significant monetary losses, increased risks of privacy issues and more.


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