Threat Database Phishing 'Account Termination Request' Scam

'Account Termination Request' Scam

Cybersecurity experts are warning users about a phishing scheme conducted through the dissemination of lure emails. The emails are presented as coming from the recipient's email service provider about a supposed account termination request. Of course, these claims and the email itself are completely fabricated and false. Their only purpose is to create a sense of urgency and push users into trying to revert the non-existent cancellation request.

The fake email will provide a specific date when they apparently received the request. They warn recipients that if no action is taken, the associated email account will be terminated shortly and all related data will be removed. According to the luring emails, users will have to follow the provided 'Cancel Request And Reactivate Now Automatically' button to keep their emails working.

In reality, the button will redirect the unsuspecting user to a specially-crafted phishing website. The page will appear as a regular login portal asking users to provide their email account credentials. However, all entered data will be scraped and provided to the fraudsters. The compromised emails could be taken over by the con artists and used for a variety of fraudulent activities. Victims may even lose access to any additional accounts connected to the breached emails.


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