Threat Database Phishing '2022 FIFA Lottery Award' Scam

'2022 FIFA Lottery Award' Scam

A new phishing operation has been identified by infosec researchers. The campaign involves the dissemination of numerous spam lure emails. The fake messages are presented as notifications regarding a non-existent '2022 FIFA Lottery Award.' Recipients are told that they have been chosen as winners of the raffle. More details about their reward are supposedly contained in the PDF file named '2022 FIFA AW.pdf' that is attached to the lure email. It is important to note that none of the legitimate entities mentioned in these emails - FIFA, FIFA World Cup, Camelot Group, and many others, have any connection to the tactic.  

According to the message found inside the file, recipients of the email have been picked to win the first place prize in the lottery, which is worth close to $3 million. However, to receive the massive reward, users will need to provide various personal details, including their full names, home addresses, phone numbers, ages and current occupations. This is a typical element found in most phishing schemes. The con artists also may try to convince users that to receive the promised reward, they must first pay bogus 'administration' or 'processing' fees.

The fraudsters can abuse the collected information to launch more targeted spear-phishing attacks or try to expand their reach by compromising additional accounts belonging to their victims. They also may package all of the collected data and offer it for sale to any interested parties, which may include cybercriminal organizations. 


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