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Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d is one of the many malicious infections that are linked to the ZeroAccess Rootkit. The mere mention of a rootkit is enough to send many computer users into a panic, and with good reason. Rootkits like ZeroAccess, TDSS and Alueron are among the most dangerous forms of malware that exists, in some cases near impossible to remove. This is because Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d functions by corrupting sections of your computer system that are typically ignored by anti-virus software, since messing with these parts of your memory can severely hinder your computer system's stability and operation (which is typically not a big concern for criminals behind malware such as this). Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d will often corrupt essential system drivers, allowing Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d to create a hidden file system.

Within this file system, Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d can allow criminals to install other malware that can then remain completely undetected on the victim's computer. Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d's basic job is to ensure that other malware is completely undetectable, as well as being able to disable most known security programs that Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d finds running on the victim's computer. Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d also can alter any file processes are displayed, making it impossible to find malware associated with Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d in the Task Manager. In fact, to remove Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d advanced anti-malware techniques are necessary, which usually requires a specialized anti-rootkit application.

Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d is Linked to Browser Hijackers and Rogue Security Software

Because of its nature, the symptoms of a Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d infection depend entirely on the malware associated with this rootkit. In fact, most of the time Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d is detected because something is obviously wrong with the infected computer, but Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d fails to show up in malware scans. ESG security analysts have linked recent Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d attacks to the TDSS, Virus Doctor family of rogue security software, which uses Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d in order to remain undetectable, disabling other security programs on the victim's computer, and forcing the victim to visit the VirusDoctor website, or the website for the particular rogue security program on the victim's computer. Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d's browser hijacker ability has also been linked to several batches of fake search engines, which use a Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d infection bundled with the Google Redirect Virus to force computer users to visit fake search engines repeatedly without raising any red flags with most common security programs. ESG malware analysts consider any malware associated with Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d to be a severe threat to your computer's security. Without a doubt, any Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d infection should be resolved immediately with a reliable anti-rootkit tool.


Zeroaccess.dr.gen.d may call the following URLs:


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