Zepto Ransomware

Zepto Ransomware Description

Zepto Ransomware ScreenshotThe Zepto Ransomware is a variant of the Trojan Locky Ransomware. The Zepto Ransomware is designed to infect all versions of the Windows operating system, from Windows XP all the way to Windows 10. Ransomware Trojans like the Zepto Ransomware are especially threatening because, even if removed, the victim's files will still be inaccessible. Essentially, the Zepto Ransomware takes the victim's files hostage, encrypting them and demanding the payment of a ransom to decrypt them. Since the files encrypted by the Zepto Ransomware are impossible to recover without access to the decryption key, PC security analysts advise that computer users take immediate preventive measures to avoid becoming victims of this and similar ransomware Trojan attacks.

The Files Encrypted by the Zepto Ransomware may be Lost Forever

When the Zepto Ransomware is installed on the victim's computer, it scans the victim's files and encrypts them using a strong encryption algorithm. The Zepto Ransomware changes the files' extensions to '.the Zepto' to identify the files that have been encrypted. Once a file is encrypted by the Zepto Ransomware it becomes inaccessible. After encrypting the victim's files, the Zepto Ransomware delivers a ransom note instructing the victim on what to do next. Unfortunately, computer users will have little choices left after the Zepto Ransomware has encrypted the files on the affected computer. The following are examples of files that are targeted by the Zepto Ransomware and similar threats:

.123 | .3dm | .3ds | .3g2 | .3gp | .602 | .aes | .ARC | .asc | .asf | .asm | .asp | .avi | .bak | .bat | .bmp | .brd | .cgm | .cmd | .cpp | .crt | .csr | .CSV | .dbf | .dch | .dif | .dip | .djv | .djvu | .DOC | .docb | .docm | .docx | .DOT | .dotm | .dotx | .fla | .flv | .frm | .gif | .gpg | .hwp | .ibd | .jar | .java | .jpeg | .jpg | .key | .lay | .lay6 | .ldf | .m3u | .m4u | .max | .mdb | .mdf | .mid | .mkv | .mov | .mp3 | .mp4 | .mpeg | .mpg | .ms11 | .MYD | .MYI | .NEF | .odb | .odg | .odp | .ods | .odt | .otg | .otp | .ots | .ott | .p12 | .PAQ | .pas | .pdf | .pem | .php | .png | .pot | .potm | .potx | .ppam | .pps | .ppsm | .ppsx | .PPT | .pptm | .pptx | .psd | .rar | .raw | .RTF | .sch | .sldm | .sldx | .slk | .stc | .std | .sti | .stw | .svg | .swf | .sxc | .sxd | .sxi | .sxm | .sxw | .tar | .tbk | .tgz | .tif | .tiff | .txt | .uop | .uot | .vbs | .vdi | .vmdk | .vmx | .vob | .wav | .wb2 | .wk1 | .wks | .wma | .wmv | .xlc | .xlm | .XLS | .xlsb | .xlsm | .xlsx | .xlt | .xltm | .xltx | .xlw | .zip.

Dealing with the Zepto Ransomware and Similar Threats

As mentioned before, the best method is prevention. The following are steps computer users can take to avoid becoming victims of the Zepto Ransomware attack and similar ransomware Trojans:

  1. Back up all files regularly on an off-site location. The Zepto Ransomware and similar attacks rely on taking the computer users' files hostage, making them inaccessible until the victim pays for the decryption key. If the victim is able to recover the files from a back-up, then the Zepto Ransomware attack becomes completely ineffective.
  2. Use a strong anti-malware program that is fully up-to-date to detect the Zepto Ransomware before it is installed on your computer. If your anti-malware software is running at all times and is appropriately reliable, it will be able to intercept the Zepto Ransomware and similar threats before they can carry out their attacks on your computer.
  3. Avoid opening unsolicited email attachments and embedded links. Threats like the Zepto Ransomware may be distributed using corrupted email attachments and links. If computer users learn to spot and prevent these tactics, it will reduce the chances of becoming infected with one of these threats greatly.

Technical Information

File System Details

Zepto Ransomware creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5
1 clout.exe 165,888 31e125faf22ae2ab6c91ece657808c60
2 file.exe 241,664 65b84d4e47406489c3ad7e48defa09e8

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  • Miguel:

    Estou com um computador com ZEPTO e quero remover a extensão do mesmo.

  • Randy Carr:

    I have a ZEPTO files that will not allow me to open any of my past documents. They are obviously very important to me. Is there any way for me to find a way to be able to restore my files back to normal?

  • betty:

    i have been hacked by this zepto scam. Am i at risk if i use internet banking and log into social media accounts. will they be able to hack into mt accounts ???

  • zaw lin htun:

    how to do
    my Local Disk (D) excel file change to .Zepto
    Help me
    test by Shadow Explorer is good to Local Disk (c)
    Don't Support Data D

  • neda:

    please help me all my file are attacked by zepto please help me

  • Sameeh Salim:

    I have a ZEPTO files that will not allow me to open any of my past documents. They are obviously very important to me. Is there any way for me to find a way to be able to restore my files back to normal?

  • Fritz Selb:

    My PC is in infected by the Zepto virus. All data files have the ending .zepto now. How can I get out of it and get my files back?
    Can you help?
    Fritz Selb

  • mICHAEL:

    I have a ZEPTO files that will not allow me to open any of my past documents. They are obviously very important to me. Is there any way for me to find a way to be able to restore my files back to normal?

  • Massimo Graziani:

    First of all, remember the virus crypt your files, and after delet the original. If you want to try the best deal is to create a file image of your disk, using free FTK Imager, and after you have to carving out the original files with F-DAC a free forensic tool. Thi must be done before aothe use of the disk, even maybe recover the original file will be more difficult if you use the PC. With this system I've recovered a lot of my friends victim of this TROIAN.
    Maybe this informations help you.

  • Alex:

    I have zepto virus I need help ASAP

  • Jim:

    Like everyone above, my files are ZEPTOed! How do I restore my files, my pictures of my grandchildren. Please help!

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    Has anyone PAID he ransom?


    In my system inter zepto virus so how to recover my data and how to removal zepto virus.
    our system is window xp professional pls help bez its my important data.

  • annie thai:

    how can I restore my files hacked by zepto?
    I tried the system recovery, but since the computer has been updated after that I could not do that.
    please advise, thank you

  • mark:

    any idea how can i decrypt zepto files????

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