Zenar Miner

Zenar Miner Description

The Zenar Miner, (also called the ZenarProject) can be purchased on a hacking forum for $100, and be used for cybercriminals to miner crypto-currency illicitly. These ill-minded people use numerous tricks to find a way to invade a computer without its users' knowledge. However, a computer infected by a crypto-miner will have some symptoms that can lead the computer operators to notice that something is not working right on their machines. The fast and most efficient way to find out why a computer is very slow and even crashing is to scan its system with an anti-malware product. Once the presence of the Zenar Miner is detected, affected computer users should take immediate measures to erase it from their machines.

What is a Crypto-Miner, and What's So Bad about the Zenar Miner?

A crypto miner is a program that uses your computer’s processing power to solve complicated math problems. Once a crypto-miner has solved a math problem, it gets paid in crypto-coins. The more processing power your computer has, the more money a crypto-miner can generate for its administrators. To mine cryptocurrency, a huge amount of the resources of graphics cards (GPUs), processors (CPUs) and similar hardware will be necessary.

To use computer hardware to mine cryptocurrency the hackers use several deceiving methods to convince users into installing a cryptocurrency miner like the Zenar Miner so that they do not need to use their hardware. The motive they do not want to use their own hardware is that cryptocurrency miners diminish the computer performance's notably. Another negative point is that the affected machine will use more electricity. Due to the excessive amount of resources used by the crypto-miner, the system may crash unexpectedly, which could cause data loss and similar problems.

Another consequence of having a crypto-miner operating on a system is that the process of mining crypto-currency may increase the hardware heat than it should handle or deteriorate it. If your CPU or GPU is showing high hardware usage, it is advised to execute the scan immediately to ensure that a crypto-mining malware such as the Zenar Miner is not installed on it.

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