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Ytbn Ransomware

The STOP Ransomware project continues to be a profitable tool for cybercriminals worldwide. Thanks to this project, any cyber crook can create a unique piece of ransomware that has all of the STOP Ransomware's properties but goes after a different name. One of the latest threats to follow this recipe is called the Ytbn Ransomware and, unfortunately, its victims will not be able to rely on free decryption tools.

The Ytbn Ransomware may be delivered to computers through fake downloads, deceptive advertisements, corrupted email attachments and other fraudulent or misleading content. The best way to filter out potentially harmful files from your computer is to use an up-to-date anti-virus tool at all times.

If the Ytbn Ransomware's attack is not mitigated successfully, victims may end up losing access to the majority of their documents, media, archives, backups and other files. The damaged data will have the '.ytbn' extension added to the original filename. Last but not least, the Ytbn Ransomware drops the '_readme.txt' ransom message. According to it, the decryptor is being sold for $490, and victims can contact or for additional payment details.

Trusting cybercriminals is never a good choice, and you should consider it to be your last resort. The advice to victims of the Ytbn Ransomware is to ignore the offer of the perpetrators because there is a high chance that they will end up getting tricked. It is advisable to remove the Ytbn Ransomware with the use of an anti-malware scanner, and then look for other data recovery options (e.g. restoring files from a backup).


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