'Your Transfer Expires in Two Days' Email Scam

'Your Transfer Expires in Two Days' Email Scam Description

The 'Your Transfer Expires in Two Days' emails are part of a phishing scheme that aims to obtain the account credentials of its victims. The bait emails are disseminated to the email boxes of unsuspecting users and attempt to convince them that urgent action is required. This particular scheme uses the legitimate WeTransfer service as a lure.

The fraudsters pretend as if the emails are being sent by WeTransfer in relation to a file transfer that will supposedly expire in two days. To fix the issue, users are told that they will need to go over several important files that have been sent to them. The fake emails contain a 'Click to Get Files' button that users are expected to interact with. However, instead of getting any of the promised files, users who press the button will be taken to a dedicated phishing page. 

This impostor WeTransfer website will ask for the user's credentials - email and password. The operators of the scheme will then harvest all entered information and use it according to their specific goals. For example, the con artists could try to expand their reach, by looking for additional user accounts that have the same credentials.  Alternatively, they could offer to sell all of the collected credentials to third parties that could even include cybercriminal organizations.