Issue 'Your Computer has Detected a Potential Problem' Mac Error

'Your Computer has Detected a Potential Problem' Mac Error

Back in 2017, with the launch of High Sierra, Apple introduced a new feature called the Mac EFI security check. It is a utility that scans the Mac's Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI firmware) against a database of approved firmware. By default, this check is performed once per week and usually, users do not even notice its presence in the background. However, if the scan detects incorrect firmware for the specific Mac model, it will result in a warning message being displayed to the user. One of the potential messages is the 'Your Computer has Detected a Potential Problem' error. Users will then be given a choice between three different options - 'Show Report,' 'Don't Send,' and 'Send to Apple.' Although the affected users may not see any immediate results, it is strongly recommended to send the report to Apple. Doing so will provide the company's engineers with the necessary data so that a fix could potentially be released in a future update. Meanwhile, try the fixes listed below and see if they will be able to resolve the error.

Uninstall Recent Software

If you have noticed that the 'Your Computer has Detected a Potential Problem' appearance coincided with a new software product or update being introduced to the system, then the next step should be quite evident. Remove the application completely and see if doing so has managed to fix the error. If you have installed a new update, however, you most likely will need to restore the system from a recently created backup.

Reset EFIcheck Preferences

Corrupted preferences related to the EFIcheck utility could be causing the 'Your Computer has Detected a Potential Problem' mac error. To reset them, you will need to delete the application's .plist file. Doing so will force the system to generate a fresh .plist file automatically.

  • Open Finder and click on 'Go.'
  • While holding the Option key on your keyboard, click the 'Library' folder.
  • Locate the 'Preferences' folder.
  • To see only the files associated with the EFIcheck utility, type EFIcheck in the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Select the shown files and drag them to the Trash.
  • Delete the Trash and restart the Mac.

Update EFI

If your EFI firmware hasn't been updated in a while, it could trigger the 'Your Computer has Detected a Potential Problem' error. You can resolve it by updating the firmware. Go to the Apple menu and choose 'Software Update.' Wait while the system is checking for new updates. If any are found, download and install them as soon as possible. You may need to reboot the Mac afterward.