Y2meta.com is a specialized website offering visitors the option to download Youtube videos. In this respect, y2meta.com is just one of the many Youtube downloaders out there, and it gets the job done in a way. Therefore, that’s not where your concerns should raise.

The problem with y2meta.com is the sheer number of banners and pop-ups that fill up almost every site. What is more, it also wants to show notifications all the time, regardless of your current Web destination. While there's nothing wrong with online advertising per se, sites such as y2meta.com often fall into the wrong hands and start advertising dubious software and suspicious-looking websites that may bring malware to your system eventually.

Should you click on a sponsored Web ad, make sure to think twice before opening it, especially if you don't know where it came from. That's what unites all the advertisements generated by y2meta.com – you neither know where they came from nor where they will take you to. Chances are, you will land on a product page offering some software designed to look appealing enough for you to make a purchase. However, the true nature of the software may not unfold until you've already run its executable. Should the latter turn out to contain a corrupted code embedded therein, it may do some severe damage to your machine. That is why you should always think twice before letting an unfamiliar website bombard you with strange pop-up ads and unexpected notifications for days on end.

The advertisements generated by y2meta.com may stop showing up if you run a system scan using a reputable AV solution to clean any compromised and residual unwanted files.

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