Some cyber crooks prefer to target a low-hanging fruit instead of going after big fish. This is the case with the developers of the Xiny malware who have chosen to target users who are still using outdated software. This threat is a Trojan that targets exclusively Android devices. The Xiny Android Trojan targets outdated variants of the Android OS. This Android Trojan has been operating for several years now. Around 12% of the victims of the Xiny Trojan appear to be using Android 4, which is an OS that was first released back in 2011. Needless to say, using an OS that is nearly a decade old is neither safe nor wise. Outdated software usually has a number of vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited by cybercriminals. However, the Xiny Trojan is also capable of infiltrating devices that run Android versions 5 to 9.


Once the Xiny Android Trojan compromises a device, it will be able to get nearly full control over it as it gains administrator access. Some of the capabilities of the Xiny Trojan include:

  • Altering the device's settings.
  • Managing the applications on the device.
  • Blocking the user from running applications and tools that would allow them to regain control of the administrator privileges.
  • Injecting additional malware on the compromised device.

Installs Pay-Per-Install Referral Applications

In order to generate revenue, the authors of the Xiny Android Trojan make sure to install referral applications on the compromised device. Despite these applications being pretty much harmless, they can still affect the browsing quality of the user as the device may slow down its performance. In order to make sure there is enough space for the referral applications the Xiny Trojan would install, this threat begins wiping out software that was present on the victim's device. Evidently, the attackers have very little concern for the victim's applications, data, and files.

Users need to keep in mind that not updating their software is a very dangerous game. Outdated software has many vulnerabilities that are often known to cybercriminals who would not bat an eye to exploit this for their own benefit. This is why you should make sure to always keep your OS and all your applications up to date. Furthermore, make sure you have a genuine antivirus application installed on your device, as this will minimize your chances of falling victim to cyber crooks.


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