Xerxes Malware

By GoldSparrow in Banking Trojan

The Xerxes Malware is an Android Trojan that was developed by a group of cybercriminals who used it as a private tool in their hacking campaigns for a while. However, in May 2019, the Xerxes Malware source code was released online, which meant that anyone who would wish to use or repurpose it was free to do so. Cybersecurity analysts are yet to determine whether this was an accident or it was done purposefully by the creators of the Xerxes Malware. The Xerxes Malware quickly gained popularity among cyber crooks that were interested in developing and using threats that target Android devices.

When security researchers spotted the Xerxes Malware initially, they noticed that it bears significant similarities to the infamous LokiBot Android Banking Trojan. However, the Xerxes Malware does operate as a banking Trojan only. Instead, the creators of this threat have made sure to expand its features and weaponize it further. Apart from the ability to obtain banking details from its victims, the Xerxes Malware also can encrypt the data present on the compromised Android device. The goal is to extort the user for cash by promising them to provide them with a decryption software that will help them recover their files. Android-based malware, which is capable of encrypting data, is a rather rare sight, so this makes the Xerxes Malware a very intriguing threat.

Once the Xerxes Malware infiltrates an Android device, it will use a generic-sounding name to avoid raising any red flags. It is likely that the Xerxes Malware may use a typical name for a Google service, which will make it appear legitimate. This way, it may be rather difficult for the user to determine the location or the purpose of the Xerxes Malware. It is likely that the Xerxes Malware is distributed via bogus application downloads, fraudulent text messages or emails, fake Android programs hosted on unknown, third-party websites, etc. 

Since the source code of the Xerxes Malware was made public various cyber crooks have adopted and modified it to create new iterations of the threat. In July 2020, cybersecurity analysts identified a brand-new threat based on the Xerxes Malware that is called BlackRock

Unless you have your data on a backup, it is almost impossible to recover any of your files for free. This is what makes it crucial to obtain a legitimate, modern anti-malware application that will protect your Android device from nasty Trojans like the Xerxes Malware. 


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