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Xati Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

Xati Ransomware appears to be a malware threat that was created by hackers who also mastered the creation and clever spreading methods of Dharma Ransomware, which Xati Ransomware was found to associated with. The Xati Ransomware threat may load on a Windows PC by the computer user unknowingly opening a spam message with a malicious attachment.

Once one has opened up the spam email containing the malware that loads Xati Ransomware, the threat may then overtake a system in a way to encrypt files and essentially lock the system down. Once such has taken place, Xati Ransomware may display a ransom notification that makes aggressive demands to the computer user for paying a ransom fee for the encrypted files.

One must realize that Xati Ransomware will hold several files for hostage by encrypting them. Those who encounter such an issue will want to avoid paying the ransom and take action to promptly eliminate Xati Ransomware first. After removal of Xati Ransomware, usually with an antimalware resource, one can then restore the encrypted files by using a recent backup of the affected system.

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