Threat Database Adware WireNavigate


WireNavigate is an intrusive application that targets Mac systems. Its main goal is to monetize its presence on the device, via an annoying ad campaign. This typical adware behavior shouldn't come as a surprise when according to cybersecurity researchers, WireNavigate is part of the AdLoad adware family.

Users are unlikely to willingly look for and install dubious applications such as WireNavigate. Instead, these PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) sneak their way in via underhanded distribution techniques. Some of the most commonly utilized ones include suspicious software bundles, where several items are hidden under various menus, such as 'Custom' or 'Advanced,' are already selected to be installed alongside one more legitimate and desirable program. PUPs also could be found injected into fake updates or software installers.

If successfully deployed on the Mac, WireNavigate will be responsible for the generation of numerous untrustworthy advertisements. Users could be presented with pop-ups, banners, in-text links, etc., all promoting questionable or outright unsafe destinations. Indeed, the advertisements associated with adware applications are mostly used to promote hoax pages, phishing portals, shady adult websites, fake giveaways and more. Users also could be subjected to seemingly enticing offers that distribute additional PUPs.

It is vital to remember that the vast majority of PUPs also are equipped with data-collection capabilities. While present on the Mac, these applications may spy on the user's browsing habits, extract numerous device details (IP address, geolocation, browser type, etc.), or even access autofill information saved into the web browsers. This data usually consists of confidential and highly sensitive information, such as account credentials, banking information, payment data and credit/debit card numbers.


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