Windows Fix

Windows Fix Description

Type: Trojan

Do not be fooled by its name, Windows Fix is neither from the Microsoft corporation nor is Windows Fix designed to fix your computer system in any way. Rather, Windows Fix is a rogue defragmenter application that is designed to steal your money through a malicious scam that attempts to take advantage of inexperienced computer users' gullibility. In general, the Windows Fix scam consists in attempting to convince the victim to buy a "full version" of this fake security program. To do this, Windows Fix will lie and wreak havoc on the victim's computer system. Some clones of Windows Fix include Computer Fix, System Fix and System Repair. According to ESG security researchers, Windows Fix should be removed immediately by using a legitimate security application running in Safe Mode. Despite its claims, Windows Fix is completely fake. ESG malware analysts strongly recommend ignoring all claims and messages from Windows Fix. Instead, get rid of this harmful rogue defragmenter program invading your computer system.

Recognizing a Windows Fix Infection on Your Computer

Many Trojans prefer to remain hidden as long as possible. These kinds of Trojans are especially dangerous, because the infected computer system will show few, if any, symptoms of a malware invader. The Trojan behind a Windows Fix infection is not one of these. Recognizing a Windows Fix infection on your computer is not difficult at all. Mainly, because Windows Fix will pester you with error messages, fake system scans and claims that your computer system is not protected. According to ESG security researchers, Windows Fix will attempt to make its victim believe that the infected computer system is in grave danger and that a full version of Windows Fix is needed to solve this imaginary threat. Some things that Windows Fix may do to enhance this illusion include hiding your files and folders, pestering you with alarming error messages, blocking access to the Internet or to your own files and making your computer crash frequently. Windows Fix also uses up valuable system resources, resulting in that an infected computer system will run very slowly or freeze. A computer system with a Windows Fix infection will also have its settings changed without the computer user's authorization. Despite any claims made by Windows Fix, it is important to understand that all of the previously-mentioned problems are caused by Windows Fix itself.

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