Whitehole Exploit Kit

Whitehole Exploit Kit Description

Type: Adware

For years, the Blackhole Exploit Kit has been responsible for the vast majority of malware attacks involving attack websites and similar techniques. Unfortunately, recently computer security researchers have revealed the presence of a new exploit kit know as the Whitehole Exploit Kit. There is an obvious relationship between the two hacking tools, especially since the Whitehole Exploit Kit uses code that is extremely similar to code contained in the Black Hole Exploit Kit. ESG security researchers have noticed that the Whitehole Exploit Kit is being distributed openly and has the potential to become a pervasive problem in the future.

The Whitehole Exploit Kit is still under development. The versions released so far run in 'test-release' mode. However, versions of the Whitehole Exploit Kit and a command and control server are already being sold with fees that can go up to two thousand dollars. According to the criminals peddling the Whitehole Exploit Kit, the three main features of the Whitehole Exploit Kit that differentiate from current exploit kits are the following:

  1. The Whitehole Exploit Kit has an increased ability to prevent detection from most well-known anti-malware software on the market.
  2. The Whitehole Exploit Kit can circumvent Google Safe Browser, preventing this safety feature from blocking websites containing this dangerous exploit kit.
  3. Unlike other similar crimeware tools, the Whitehole Exploit Kit has the ability to load up to twenty malicious files at once, meaning that the Whitehole Exploit Kit can be used to mount an all fronts attack against the targeted computer.

These characteristics, couple with attacks that are already well established in malware like the Blackhole Exploit Kit, make the Whitehole Exploit Kit a serious contender in the malware market. ESG security researchers, have observed that the Whitehole Exploit Kit has been linked to Trojan infections involving Zeus Trojan variants (well known banking Trojans), ransomware Trojan attacks, and variants of Sirefef which is a family of rootkits. On account of this, Whitehole Exploit Kit can be used to infect computers with malware designed to install additional malware on the victim's computer, linking the Whitehole Exploit Kit to various forms of cybercrime and bank fraud. ESG security researchers will keep monitoring the development of the Whitehole Exploit Kit from its current "test-state" in order to protect computer users from attacks involving this dangerous hacking tool.

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