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Whats App Missed Voice Message Email Scam

The 'Whats App Missed Voice Message' email scam is a good example of a phishing email. Computer users that are noticing this email on their email box should know that it is a well-used tactic used to convince them to click on the 'Play' button. However, instead of listening to a message, the computer user will be redirected to unsafe places on the Web.

The phishing message is:

Subject: Missed voicemail – 12:03

Whats App

Missed voice message.


Date: Jul 2 12:03
Duration: 06 seconds


© 2022 Whats App'

Phishing is a deceitful process used by ill-minded people trying to collect private information, such as username, password, bank accounts and credit card details by impersonating a popular and reliable company, social media and other business kinds.

You need to keep in mind that even if you miss a voice message on Whats App, its admins will never send you an email about it. Besides, you do not need to use a 'Play' button to access it; you just need to log in into your account to access voice messages or any written message that you may have.

Therefore, any email similar to the 'Whats App Missed Voice Message' email scam should be ignored and deleted. Then you can log in to your social media account and enjoy your messages.


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