West Yorkshire Ransomware

West Yorkshire Ransomware Description

ScreenshotWest Yorkshire Ransomware, also known as West Yorkshire Police virus, mainly affects UK computer users but PC owners in other countries could also be affected. The misleading West Yorkshire pop-up message is triggered by a ransomware Trojan, which blocks computer owners from accessing the desktop by showing a tricky pop-up alert. West Yorkshire Ransomware is also a counterpart of the fake Metropolitan and Scotland Yards Police Virus. The deceptive West Yorkshire pop-up alert speaks in the name of the UK official security authority and blames victims for violating the UK law. The falsified West Yorkshire pop-up notification demands ransom from the victim to unlock the computer. Do not be intimidated by the confusing West Yorkshire pop-up warning because it is used as a mean to rip PC users off. To avoid the annoying West Yorkshire pop-up message, you should remove a ransomware Trojan with a reputable anti-virus program.