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ScreenshotDespite its name, the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus is not actually a virus but a ransomware Trojan. These kinds of Trojans are designed to infiltrate the victim's computer, block access to Windows, and then demand a ransom in exchange for returning the victims' access to their computers. The Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus belongs to a family of Winlockers that are known for demanding ransom payment via Ukash or PaySafeCard, both of which are legitimate money transfer services commonly used in Europe. There are dozens of variants of the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus, designed to cover as much territory as possible by targeting different countries in the European Union. The Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus is meant to attack computer users in the United Kingdom. Variants designed to target other countries will be adapted to the target country's language and law enforcement agency. If the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus has taken over your computer system, ESG security researchers strongly suggest using a strong anti-malware application to remove this threat and regain access to the infected computer system.

How the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus Tries to Steal Your Money

All variants of the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus try to steal their victims' money through a threatening message. This message is designed to impersonate a law enforcement agency belonging to the targeted country. For example, the German variant of the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus will impersonate the Bundespolizei and the American variant will impersonate the FBI. The message will invariably claim that the victim's computer was involved in illegal activities, ranging from the use of pirated software to frequenting child pornography websites. Then, the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus will try to convince the victim that the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus was installed through a law enforcement operation in order to enact a one-hundred Euro fine on the victim. ESG malware analysts suspect that the many Ukash Virus variants can detect the infected computer system's IP in order to display a message corresponding to the victim's country.

Fortunately, the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus is not too difficult to remove. In fact, manual removal can be carried out relatively easily with some basic knowledge of the Windows Registry Editor. The main problem in dealing with a Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus infection is gaining access to the infected computer system by bypassing the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus' threatening message. To do this, ESG security researchers recommend using an alternate boot method, such as using an external drive, or starting up in Safe Mode.

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The following messages associated with Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus were found:
"your PC has been blocked due to United Kingdom law violation"

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  • Mike Power:

    So what do I do when my computer has been blocked and frozen by the Ukash virus. I am unable to install Spy Hunter 4.

    Your comments, please.

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