Scotland Yards Ukash Virus

Scotland Yards Ukash Virus Description

ScreenshotThe Scotland Yards Ukash Virus, more accurately referred to as a Trojan (viruses have the capacity to corrupt files and can spread on their own, while Trojans do not have this capability) is a Winlocker that displays a fake alert from Scotland Yard. According to ESG security researchers, the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus is part of a widespread epidemic of winlockers that target different countries in the European Union. There are versions of the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus in various languages (such as German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian), which replace Scotland Yard with the targeted country's main law enforcement agency. The Scotland Yards Ukash Virus is named after the Ukash money transfer service, which all versions of this dangerous malware threat use for receiving the victim's money. ESG security researchers consider that the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus is a dangerous malware infection but that Scotland Yards Ukash Virus can be removed from your computer. Because of this, there is absolutely no reason to pay the criminals behind the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus any money in order to gain back control of your computer system.

How the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus Extorts Money From Its Victims

All versions of the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus follow the same pattern in order to scam their victims. Basically, the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus displays a fake alert from Scotland Yard, Britain's main law enforcement agency. This alert will claim that the victim's computer system was blocked because it was used in connection with illegal activities. Scotland Yards Ukash Virus blackmails the victim by claiming that Scotland Yards Ukash Virus will delete the contents of the victim's hard drive and forward the data to Scotland Yard unless the victim pays a hefty fine via the Ukash money transfer service. The message goes on to provide account details so that the victim may make the transfer in exchange for an unlock code. Do not believe what this message says; legitimate law enforcement agencies will never take over your computer in this way.

Dealing with Scotland Yards Ukash Virus' Winlocker

Victims of the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus will find that they cannot access their Desktop or Task Manager as long as this malware's message is being displayed. However, bypassing the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus' winlocker can be done by simply booting your PC in Safe Mode (just press F8 during start-up). From there, it is simply a matter of using a legitimate anti-malware tool to remove the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus from your computer system.

Technical Information

Registry Details

Scotland Yards Ukash Virus creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\"Shell" = "[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe"

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