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WeSteal Infostealer

By GoldSparrow in Malware

WeSteal Infostealer is a malicious computer threat that is prone to stealing cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency being all the rave these days, there’s no wonder that computer hackers and cybercrooks who are looking for a quick payday are targeting cryptocurrencies through the use of exclusive tools like the WeSteal Infostealer malware.

WeSteal Infostealer customers are well versed with the underground forums that often spread and sell tools and resources for attacking computers so they can scour data or eventually make away with money from unsuspecting computer users. In the case of WeSteal Infostealer, it is birthed out of a WeSupply Crypto Stealer package that is sold by ComplexCodes, all part of a project for obfuscating malware to avoid antivirus detection.

The WeSteal Infostealer threat is not all bad news but it is leveraged in a way by cybercrooks that can attack cryptocurrencies. More often, we see that WeSteal Infostealer is marketed by potential crooks as a legitimate entity that can be used for mining cryptocurrency. However, WeSteal Infostealer is clearly malware and may be used for password theft, disabling webcam lights so hackers can spy on victims via webcam, and of course cryptocurrency mining.

In any case, it is essential that computer users or those who are in the business of mining cryptocurrency take the proper precautions to avoid threats like WeSteal Infostealer. In the instance that one suspects an attack by WeSteal Infostealer it is important that they utilize the necessary antimalware tools or resources to safely detect and eliminate WeSteal Infostealer from their system.


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