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WEB.DE Mailer Daemon Spam

Receiving an email notification from a sender identified as Mailer-Daemon usually indicates that a previous email the user tried to send has encountered an issue and couldn't be delivered. The Mailer-Daemon server manages the email messages and is responsible for informing the senders of any issues by delivering a failure report to their inbox. The legitimate emails from the server commonly contain an attached file with more details about the specific problem that caused the user's email not to be delivered successfully. The Mailer-Daemon will usually try to deliver the email for a couple of days, so users may receive multiple failure reports during the period, making it appear as unwanted spam.

Unscrupulous people could try to take advantage of this by disseminating and spamming users with fake messages designed to appear as communication from the Mailer-Daemon server. The emails part of the 'WEB.DE Mailer Daemon' spam campaign are exactly such untrustworthy messages, and users are strongly advised not to interact with them. The spam emails could be received daily, and they also contain an attached file. In addition, the fake Mailer Daemon messages also are likely to contain a link provided by the con artists.


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