VirTool:Win32/Vbcrypt.AD Description

VirTool:Win32/Vbcrypt.AD is a Trojan program that can install additional malware onto a PC, as well as destroy or modify certain registry files. VirTool:Win32/Vbcrypt.AD may spread through malicious drive-by downloads or web pages. VirTool:Win32/Vbcrypt.AD is a computer threat that should be removed with a reliable security program.

Aliases: Generic25.CJCV [AVG], W32/BDoor.CEP!tr.bdr [Fortinet], Trojan/Win32.ADH [AhnLab-V3], Trojan/Midgare.hjp, BDS/Bifrose.A.394 [AntiVir], Trojan.Generic.KDV.414944 (B), Trojan.Win32.A.Midgare.260726.A, Backdoor.Bifrose!xrrnonPYKCw, Trojan.Win32.Midgare.bbsz [Kaspersky], Trojan.Midgare-167 [ClamAV], TROJ_SPNR.15L411, Suspicious_Gen2.SOTQB, Trojan.Win32.Midgare.mbivp, Trojan.Midgare.bbsz [CAT-QuickHeal] and Trojan.Generic.KDV.414944.

Technical Information

File System Details

VirTool:Win32/Vbcrypt.AD creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 D:\Program Files\Adobe_Audition_1\Soft\SonicFoundry Sound Forge 6.0e\KEYGEN.EXE\KEYGEN.EXE 32,768 c78823c750512ab280b62ec17ee2173a 313
2 C:wuauclt.exe 135,168 2e2d0c602a60fba0ee1f3c68d2532237 76
3 %WINDIR%csrs.exe 115,775 a94dc5a0361bb54f4c40abf404441379 34
4 %USERPROFILE%winsrvcn.exe 48,640 f75a8c506ed70d465e15065146843385 4
5 %PROGRAMFILES%\Bifrost\server.exe 27,517 1bf5e02e439c6cf09c220d5710b46ad5 4
6 %APPDATA%csrss.exe 389,148 b6c30f087bb3cbc38c7abb3e2ca4eaf2 2
7 %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\alvsvpd.exe 90,909 61e2355a9bc4d852c06571b51f084448 2
8 %APPDATA%camfrog.exe 39,389 c8b0f1482d5026134d4be7f3b906b21f 1
9 %APPDATA%system32.exe 2,582,165 e83b9b6a0f906ad6564afc890ea5c6bd 1
10 win23.exe 335,872 0ab35874ae5d12db56ba7df38159427c 0
11 file[1].exe 38,919 9b1b8011f18ac6b95c87cc5c115514e7 0
12 ffx.exe 143,872 905d88c67659fe04a35ec2c0f86c4ed0 0
13 winsystem.exe 100,063 4920b9bcc50cac48ce4cb3f4ce4c527e 0
14 svchost.exe 584,192 624f45f8ef3f192e8eb09a529fe0e3fe 0
15 spoolsv.exe 47,616 c665a55e56966c44171d9c8900fbb529 0
16 ccdrive32.exe 75,264 39f2c3805d88cf76c5d79c54c1e37349 0
17 rundll32.exe 61,440 8d08b75195561ed02caa6f0abb3b4fd8 0
18 msn.exe 237,568 2afb4ee104bc1d0be383845845a9b511 0
19 H2sfasH.exe 81,408 31eb4ff720d93075a2fcbb203c590ff2 0
20 Update.exe 1,152,784 9b8cfda3a3f06d22d1c3722ebddd8ba2 0
21 msvmcls64.exe 219,136 ae7fa2384864f34947ac24f45ca9e4bf 0
22 file.exe 370,688 d948009c57aa4ef2d0e1944b561c12ba 0
More files

Registry Details

VirTool:Win32/Vbcrypt.AD creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Regexp file mask

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