The legitimate 'vbc.exe' file is an essential component of Microsoft's .NET Framework. The name of the file stands for Visual Basic Command Line Compiler, and it was introduced from the very first .NET Framework 1.0 version. The official file should be stored in a new subfolder for each new Framework version. Inside the same folder also should be two related files named 'vbc.exe.config' and 'vbc.rsp.' Naturally, in most cases where users encounter this file, they would have no reason to worry or be suspicious.

However, malware developers often design their threatening creations to impersonate legitimate applications, files and processes. If you find a file named vbc.exe in an unusual location on the computer, it could be a serious warning sign. For example, infosec researchers have observed Trojans or Worms camouflaged as vbc.exe files that were stored in the C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System32 directories.

Alternatively, if you notice in Task Manager that a process related to vbc.exe is taking up exorbitant amounts of system resources, your system may have been infected with a crypto-miner threat. These threatening tools are designed specifically to take over the device's hardware resources and use them to mine for a specific cryptocurrency. As a result of the malware's actions, the system may not have sufficient resources available to continue operating normally, leading to frequent slowdowns, crashes or even critical errors.

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