Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 4,998
Threat Level: 50 % (Medium)
Infected Computers: 191
First Seen: August 1, 2022
Last Seen: February 2, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

UpSearches is an intrusive application that infosec researchers have classified as a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are dubious applications that sometimes may lack any useful features, as that is not their primary purpose. Instead, they will attempt to take over certain important browser settings to promote and generate artificial traffic for a sponsored Web address.

Most browser hijackers and adware attempt to hide their installation from users' attention. That is why they rely heavily on questionable distribution tactics, such as software bundles or completely fake installers/updates. If users do not check carefully all of the installation options, they may not realize that additional items were delivered to their devices.

When UpSearches is established on the system, it will take control of the browser's homepage, new tab page and default search engine. All affected settings will now begin opening the '' address. This is a fake search engine that hijacks users' search queries and shows then results taken from other sources. When examined by experts, was found to cause redirects to the legitimate Yahoo search engine, but this may not always be the case. Many dubious PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are capable of adjusting their behavior based on specific factors, such as the user's IP address, geolocation and possibly more.


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