Updateinfocity is a browser hijacker that can hinder regular Web surfing activity by constantly displaying hard-to-remove advertisements. Usually, Updateinfocity can hinder the operation of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other commonly used Web browsers by changing their settings.

If you have a browser hijacker like Updateinfocity.com on your computer, your default browser will look and will run in a modified way. Updateinfocity.com will likely make changes to your homepage, your search engine or some of your browsing preferences. 

Most likely you will not be able to browse the Web as you usually would, because most of your search inquiries will immediately get redirected to pages full of intrusive Web advertisements, pop-up notifications, banners and promotional messages.

How to Remove Updateinfocity

1. First, click the Start Menu on your Windows PC.

2. Type Programs and Settings in the Start Menu, click the first item and find Updateinfocity in the programs list that would show up.

3. Select Updateinfocity from the list and click on Uninstall.

4. Follow the steps in the removal wizard.

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