'UNHCR' Email Scam

'UNHCR' Email Scam Description

More fraudsters are trying to exploit the real-world tragedy of the war in Ukraine for their self-benefit. Indeed, cybercriminal experts have intercepted misleading emails claiming to be sent by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). In their main message, these emails also mention the legitimate Act for Peace non-profit organization. Naturally, neither the UNHCR nor Act for Peace are in any way connected to this fraudulent email scam campaign.

The deceptive emails associated with the 'UNHCR' email scam may have a subject line similar to 'GO FUND UKRAINE.' The fake messages then try to convince users that they are part of an official campaign that aims to raise $9 million in support of the refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. The fraudsters ask for any donations to be made using the Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency specifically, and the funds should be transferred to the two crypto-wallet addresses found in the email.

The use of cryptocurrencies is not accidental. Compared to the more traditional funds transactions, it is nearly impossible for users to reverse the payment and get their money back once it has been sent to the con artists.

The 'UNHCR' email scam is yet another example of why people that wish to help war-stricken regions or nations devastated by natural disasters should always use official channels to do so. Even then, it is best to thoroughly research the chosen organization to make sure that all the funds you send will be utilized for the listed purposes and not transferred anywhere else.