'Ukrainian Government is Embracing Digital Assets' Email Scam

'Ukrainian Government is Embracing Digital Assets' Email Scam Description

Cybercriminals and unscrupulous people have transitioned from exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to taking advantage of the gruesome tragedy caused by Russia's invasion of the country of Ukraine. More and more unscrupulous operations try to lure well-meaning users into transferring funds under the guise of donations for the victims of the war. However, all the funds will be pocketed by the fraudsters, as they arrive in their personal wallet accounts.

The 'Ukrainian Government is Embracing Digital Assets' email scam is even more despicable than others. The fake emails disseminated as part of this misleading operation claim to be coming from the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself. The fake messages will urge users to send donations using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to a specified crypto-wallet address. The use of cryptocurrencies as part of these schemes is not incidental. The con artists know that using traditional channels will allow the victims to easily reverse the transactions and possibly recover their funds. However, when sent as crypto coins, the money is nearly impossible to get back.

The tragedy in Ukraine is real and the innocent people there are definitely in need of support. However, before sending any funds, make sure that you are using only official channels and have done sufficient research about where the collected money is going to be and how it will be used.