TrouqrinSpeedup Description

TrouqrinSpeedup advertises itself as a powerful tool that will help users achieve better performance of their computers through various optimizations. The application claims to fix broken links, invalid system and startup entries, and corrupted DLLs. Unfortunately, however, the application's true nature is that of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Many users claim to have not installed TrouqrinSpeedup intentionally and that the application managed to sneak itself onto their computers via questionable distribution schemes, such as bundling.

Furthermore, the various issues that the application claims to have detected may be mostly false positives. Not to mention, that to even attempt to fix these issues, users will have to first buy the full version of the program.

TrouqrinSpeedup is most likely an already known PUP that in the past has been distributed under the names PC Accelerator Pro and PC Accelerate. Now, its operators appear to have begun a new campaign using the same PUP buy rebranding it as TrouqrinSpeedup and RedSpeedup.

Users should try to keep their computers clean from PUPs. These intrusive applications can significantly impact the device. For example, adware applications are designed to generate countless intrusive advertisements while browser hijackers are capable of taking control over the user's Web browsers and forcing them to open a sponsored Web address.