RedSpeedup Description

RedSpeedup is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that hides its true nature behind the guise of a PC optimization tool. The program is supposed to help users fix invalid system entries, startup entries or DLLs. It also should remove any broken links or issues causing slow-downs or excessive use of hardware resources.

The program will claim to have detected numerous such issues on the system and offer users to fix them. The only problem is that the supposed problems may be false positives and to even attempt to fix them via RedSpeedup, users will need to buy the paid full version of the application.

It should be noted that RedSpeedup appears to not be a new application. Instead, it is just a rebrand of the same application that has previously been spread under the PC Accelerator Pro and PC Accelerate names. Another name that is currently being used by the same program is TrouqrinSpeedup.

Users should try to avoid keeping any PUP on their computers. While these applications do not represent a direct danger and are considered to be malware, they still increase the security risks faced by users.

Other PUPs include adware and browser hijackers, who monetize their presence through various intrusive actions. Users may be subjected to countless dubious advertisements, have their Web browser modified to open unfamiliar new addresses, or even have their browsing activities tracked, packaged, and then uploaded to a remote server.