Trojan.MacOS.Agent.H Description

Trojan.MacOS.Agent.H or just Agent.H is a generic detection of a trojan threat designed to infect MacOS devices. The term trojan is derived from Greek mythology and in the context of cyber security refers to malware specifically developed to stealthily infiltrate systems without alerting the victim. The most common infection vectors for trojans are:

  • Emails with attachments containing malicious macros.
  • Freeware bundles.
  • Fake Adobe Flash updates.

For the longest time people believed that MacOS systems were safe from malware but that is a thing of the past. It’s still true that Macs malware comprises a fraction of the whole compared to threats targeting Windows systems, the Mac segment is growing. Once a trojan like Agent.H successfully infects a device, there are many functionalities that cybercriminals can access. Many trojans are used as backdoors giving the criminals access to a device and potentially the whole network on which the device is. Some are designed to steal credentials such as email or bank account information. There are also some trojans that serve as vehicles for further infections by more severe threats. Trojans can also simply gather browsing history, logging keystrokes or gathering generic data.

Most trojans, including Agent.H, are detected by antivirus software. Once a trojan is detected, most anti-malware software suites will have no trouble removing it. Removing a trojan manually can be a complicated task depending on the sophistication of the threat and the skills of the user.

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